Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to the Course

    1. What is an OPM?

    2. What are the functions of an OPM?

    3. How do Universities Use OPMs?

    1. How Large is the OPM Market?

    2. How Large Could the OPM Market Become?

    1. How Many OPM Partnerships Exist?

    2. Who Partners with OPMs?

    3. How are OPM Partnerships Changing?

    1. What is the University Perception of OPMs?

    2. What is the Public Perception of OPMs?

    3. What are the Critiques of OPMs?

    4. How Well do OPMs Perform?

    1. What are the Types of OPM Providers?

    2. Who are the OPM Market Leaders?

    3. What Programs do OPMs Support?

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